Help us Bring Change Through Compassion

Help us Bring Change Through Compassion

Help us Bring Change Through CompassionHelp us Bring Change Through CompassionHelp us Bring Change Through Compassion


Upcoming events


MCAST Ethics Presentation

 MCAST Youth Hub & Agenzija Zaghzagh have invited Vegan Prism to give a presentation highlighting the Unethical side to the consumption of Meats and Dairies. 

We will be screening a documentary at the MCAST Youth Hub, Paola, that will show nothing more than the TRUTH. EU accepted and standard practices of raising, transporting and slaughter of billions of innocent, sentient beings who go through hell for your taste buds!

 Thursday 20th February, 11:00, MCAST Youth Hub, Paola

The screening of this graphic film is intended to make people aware of what has to happen to have meat, cheese & eggs on our menus. All of the footage used is gathered from EU Certified UK Facilities that provide Meat & Dairy products across Europe and Beyond.



Plant-Based Babies #2

 Set your baby up for successful, life-long relationship with food!

We will be talking about the critical nutrients your baby needs to thrive and how to easily incorporate them into a plant-based diet and everything you need to support your baby’s feeding journey - nutritional information and tips.

 Saturday 29th February, 17:00, Balance Bowl, Gzira

The event will be donation-based. All donations received will be given to the Association for Abandoned Animals Dog Sanctuary.

Donate Through Revolut on (+356) 77127777 or on 


Nutritional Wellbeing

  Explore the Health Benefits of following a Whole-Foods Plant-Based Diet with a Whole Food Plant Based Nutritional Expert with more than a decade of professional experience and who has been an ethical vegan for twice that and a passionate and outspoken advocate of Animal Rights and Environmental Sustainability.

Plant based diets are one of the biggest health trends in 2020 and rightly so with hundreds of studies showing this way of eating benefits both a person's health and the planet.

Join us for an interactive night of learning about Whole-Foods Plant-Based Eating. 

Tuesday 10th March, 20:00, The Pain Clinic, Paola




Your Private Chef for that Special Occasion

• Private Dinner • In-Home Cooking Demos • Workshops • TV Shows

With over 20 years of being plant-based herself, she specialises in preparing and styling the perfect in-home dining experience.

Zeal private chef services are intimate, personal and customised. They allow you to serve an elegant meal in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Hiring a private chef is an easy alternative to the stress of planning and preparing special meals on your own. As you will see from her private catering menu, Zeal has a variety of exquisite dishes to choose from. From private romantic dinners for two, to in-home demos to TV shows, Zeal puts her unique personal touch on each event.

Reserve Zeal, then sit back, relax, and let the food come to you!



Sustainability Consultancy with Robert Xuereb Archer 

• Lectures & Workshops • Waste Reduction • Vegan Lifestyle • Education & Awareness

 As the third decade of the twenty-first century starts to dawn the issue of sustainability is becoming more and more central to our Governmental, Commercial and Personal agendas. These have all become even more pressing with the effects of Climate Change becoming more and more apparent with each passing season. Sustainability is more than a box to tick on your to do list, it is a philosophy one lives by and with which one leads their life. Robert will help you learn this Philosophy together with hands on practical changes you can do to become a more Sustainable Organisation. 

Through Lectures, Tutorials, Workshops and One-to-One Consultancy being Sustainable has never been more achievable!

Contact us to begin your journey towards a Holistically Sustainable Future!

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